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Room Fragrance Diffuser Africa

Quick Overview

Profumo per Ambiente Africa 250ml
Profumi del Mondo: Room Fragrance Diffuser Africa
If memory had a sense, it would be called sense of smell. Sensorial impressions without being touched by descriptive words can blend with recollections of magical places... just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and your trip around the world begins. Five continents, five olfactory fragrances all inspired by Mother Nature
Fire, the continent of intense colors, the warmth of the sun at dusk. The geometrical lines inspired by the masks of the many tribes.
Africa is a woman immersed in the enveloping fragrance of mango that entwines with fresh eucalyptus. In its heart is the scent of freshly picked peonies.
Top Notes : green sap notes, amla, eucalyptus
Middle Notes : mango, peony
Base Notes : baobab, white musk
Box comes with 16 sticks.
250ml - 8.4 Fl.oz
Made in Italy


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