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Face Relaxing Water


Santa Maria Herb Water 16.9 fl oz

Nourishing Night Oil

Quick Overview

Olio Nutriente Notte
A beauty treatment rich in antioxidant plant oils and vitamins. It moisturizes and improves elasticity, and fight the formation of wrinkles. Used regularly it keeps facial skin moisturized and soft, helping improve elasticity.
Instructions: apply on the desired areas at least one hour before bedtime. Massage gently until completely absorbed.
Main Ingredients
-Wheat germ oil: nourishing, rich in vitamin E.
-Avocado oil: emollient, protective, boosts the skin’s natural defenses.
-Jojoba oil: liquid vegetal wax, moisturizing, emollient, forms a protective barrier.
- Macadamia oil: rich in palmitoleic acid, moisturizing, emollient.
-Pollen extract: regenerating, nourishing.
-Vitamin A: anti-oxidant.
-Vitamin E: anti-oxidant, anti-free radical.
-Vitamin F: reinforces the skin’s function as a barrier.
Paraben Free
50ml - 1.7 FL.OZ.

Fragrance: Melograno